Saturday, July 25, 2015


DAY 3 - Caversham Wildlife, Swan River and Roasted Duck (Shao La)

3-4 hours of journey again to get to the Caversham Wildlife and there's a  Margaret River chocolate company @ Swan River which we decided to give it a miss the previous day.

The breakfast was sooooo yummy and the chocolate tasting was good. I miss the living style there. Such lovely place to have breakfast!

Caversham Wildlife is a must go if you ever visit Perth! Its different from Zoo as we experienced lots of animals walking freely without cages.


Lunch at a atas restaurant. But we dress like -_- HAHAH!

Happened to witness a wedding held at this place! Soooo drama like never happen in Singapore here.

Cheese factory @ Swan River

House of Honey!!

A swam of LIVE BEES!!


Took sometimes to take photos here~
Nice scenery, calming and relaxing place.

Off we go we have some shao la! The owner of this eatery is a hongkee. Not VERY fantastic. But its nice! (We googled this place)

Bubble tea. Hahaha